Rock And Roll

from by Szibilla



We were born here to die
And we die here to live

Speak true to be a true man
Love eachother so there’s no death
There’s no death
only change of mind and the people

Give the love to get some back
Live your life and not your past
Free your mind to see the blast
Thats you can really have

Rock and roll is dying
Rock and roll is crying
Rock and roll is starving for the people

I see you walk the ground
But do you see the wound
On the bare body of our
mother we call nature

Do you hear the sound of old times
On records under ground
On shelves abandoned by
men of the future

There’s dust on good things now
You gotta search deep to find
What you see on TV is nothing but a snip of fact

I want to study be my teacher
So what you have to say?
While music dies you give nothing
And you want everything back
everything back
Everything back

I see you dance in the crowd
Good words save us and they save our mind
We can save rock and roll

Cause rock and roll is dying
rock and roll is crying
Rock and roll is starving for the people


from Chameleon's Suitcase, released November 19, 2015
Drums: Ákos Kertész
Solo & Additional Guitar recordeed and played by: Tilen Sapac
Bass, Vocals, Songwriting, Composing, Drawings & photos: Szibilla
Producer: Tilen Sapac & Szibilla
Drums recorded at Black Hole Sound & other parts recorded at Balkan Recording Studio by Kosta Velcsev Dejanov

About the EP
music & words, producer: Szibilla
recorded live at: Black Hole Sound Studios & Balkan Recording Studios
sound engineer: Kosta Velcsev Dejanov

Kosta Velcsev Dejanov - guitars /track 1, 4 & 5/, acoustic guitar /track 5/
Tilen Sapac - backing vocals, electric guitars /track 5/, guitar solo /track 5/
Domonkos Buchwarth - harmonica /track 2 & 4/
Erika Szabó - saxophone /track 1/
Ákos Kertész - drums /track 1, 3, 5 &6/
János Bitó/Dí Dzsé - hammond organ /track 1/, keys /track 5/
Tamás Katona Sr. - electric & dobro guitar /track 3/
Szibilla - bass /track 1,3,5,6/ singing /2,3,4,5,6/, guitars /track 2/



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